The office has the same feel of a beauty salon or a spa — not strip mall office.
First of all, I love the office and the view... You have this view of the Green Lake which is perfect. Then within the first couple minutes of meeting, it felt like I’d known Shokofeh for a long time. She’s extra personal and it was a great experience. She went through everything with me and I was very comfortable with the whole experience.
They have an emergency line which they have answered. I think that’s important. If you’re going to have an emergency line, answer it — and they do. I don’t think everybody does because dentists are used to pretty cushy schedules.
The location is certainly nice and the fact that I can sit in the chair and look out the window [at the lake] is a great feature.


Located just across from the wading pool at the north end of Green Lake, Lakeside Dental Center offers convenient access from both Aurora Avenue North and I-5, plus wonderful (and calming) views year round.

We're located in suite 200 of 7900 E. Green Lake Drive North, Seattle, WA 98103

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