When you walk into a Dentist’s office you already have that fear in back of your mind, but when you walk into Lakeside Dental, the moment Shokofeh starts talking to you it’s very comfortable. To me that’s the most important thing.
I’ve been to a lot of dentists and this is the first time a dentist actually paid attention to where they placed their hand on my face to make sure it didn’t put any extra pressure anywhere, I’ve never had that kind of caring and gentleness before.
What do you want in a dentist? You want somebody that’s not going to hurt you worse than you have to be hurt already and cares about what it looks like, because it all matters. That’s what Shokofeh does.
Losing a tooth does something to your self-esteem. I’m an upper-middle class woman and I’ve never not had all of my teeth in my mouth for any extended period of time. It really gave me empathy for those who can’t get theirs fixed because you become incredibly self conscious. Anyway, this was causing me great anxiety and they were very understanding and worked with me to get it done as fast as possible. Shokofeh referred me to a great surgeon and I like the way they consulted together on my case. They did that really seamlessly. I felt like I was a priority. You know they can’t do miracles but they did what they did as fast as they could and as well as they could and it all worked out perfectly.
Shokofeh and her staff communicate with me and with each other while they’re working on my face. I’m sitting there listening to everything they’re saying and I’m very nervous about it. But it makes me much less nervous to hear why they’re doing what they’re doing. They seemed to read each other really well and be on the same page. Shokofeh seems very smart, like she has a rationale behind everything she does. And there’s no weird communication going over your head; she really shares and that makes you feel more at ease.
Some of the dentists in Seattle seem a little strange to me and I don’t even know how to describe it, but Lakeside Dental is different. I just think they personally care. I don’t know if it’s because it’s an all-female office, but there’s just a feeling that they care about everybody that walks in the door.
Growing up, I was fairly terrorized by dentists. When I showed up to Shokofeh’s office, I think she read it all over my face. I was probably shaking. Before I met Shokofeh I was super nervous about dentistry. But now, I go to Lakeside Dental like I’m going to a socializing event. It’s completely stress-free.

And the technical results are great too, so it’s not just the social thing, or a comforting thing. Her work is great as well.
Shokofeh is somebody that is very collaborative. I believe very firmly that I don’t know everything, that I collaborate with others, that I always welcome input, advice, suggestions and change. I like to work with other people who feel the same way, and Dr. Shokofeh is very open to that, and I appreciate that.

Dr. Shokofeh Tabaraie and Staff

Dr. Shokofeh Tabaraie (pronounced Show-ko-fay Tab-ah-ray) joined the Greenlake community when she purchased the practice in 2009, 3 years after graduating from the University of Washington dental school in 2006. 

A passionate artist and lover of science, she chose dentistry because it combines the two.

Shortly after beginning to practice, she began to realize the profound affect her work has on her patients — health, outlooks and lives truly change when people are no longer fearful of the dentist, are pain-free and confident in their smiles.

At Greenlake Dental Center, patients feel like a trusted friend is taking care of their teeth... 

A former Ironman distance triathlete, Dr. Tabaraie still loves to cycle and surf in the summer and snowboard in the winter, but lately more time is spent running after her son (born in 2013) with her husband, Jay. 

Dr. Shokofeh Tabaraie

Dr. Shokofeh Tabaraie

Mavelin holds everything together amazingly, and I very much appreciate all of the work that she has done for me in dealing with my insurance and keeping the account straight. I think she’s just awesome.
Mavelin, Practice Manager

Mavelin, Practice Manager

Mavelin's infectious smile is the first thing you'll notice when you come into (or call) our office.

Graduating from Renton Technical College as a dental assistant in 2008, Mavelin and Dr. Tabaraie have been working together for over 10 years.

After just two years, Mavelin became a highly efficient practice manager and will be able to guide you through all your non-medical questions, such as insurance, scheduling or payment options.

The thing she likes the most about her job is the relationships she builds with her patients.

Outside of work, Mavelin enjoys spending time with her husband, daughters, and dog.


Katie, Dental Hygenist

Katie, Dental Hygenist

Katie has observed, volunteered and worked in the dental field since 2007. Kindness, thoroughness and making patients feel comfortable are her hallmarks.

Frequently attending continuing education classes to expand her dental knowledge, Katie earned her dental hygiene degree from Shoreline Community College in 2013.

Once in her chair, Katie will guide you toward excellent oral health using education and a personalized treatment plan.

In her free time, Katie enjoys trying new restaurants with her husband, spending time with family and catching up with close friends.

Sarah, Registered Dental Assistant

Sarah has worked in the dental field since 2016. She graduated from Bellevue College with an AAS, a Certificate in Technical Writing and Nursing Assisting in 2010 and graduated from Central Washington in 2014 with a degree in Biology. Sarah loves to hike and ski and go on adventures with her dog, friends and spend time with her family.

Contina, Registered Dental Assistant

Contina has been working in the dental field since 2008. She has worked with Dr Tabaraie as her assistant since 2016. Contina was born and raised in South Carolina and moved to Washington in 1991. Her time away from the office is spent attending football games, basketball games and enjoying time with family and friends.